Solutions 2nd Pre-Intermediate: Workbook

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Solutions 2nd Pre-Intermediate: Workbook

The Solutions Second Edition Workbook and Audio CD Pack supports the Student's Book content with plenty of extra practice and revision, while the CD provides a huge number of extra listening opportunities.
Perfect for mixed-ability classrooms, the Workbook provides extra reading and writing revision and reference material for weaker students, as well as Challenge and Vocabulary Builder extension activities for stronger learners. The accompanying CD means that students can extend their listening practice beyond the classroom. The regular reviews allow teachers to monitor their students' progress, while continued revision of the material builds students' confidence.

This pack includes:

Audio CD

Clear structure, closely mirroring the Student's Book content
New listening tasks per unit, with all audio contained on the CD
Lots of exam practice throughout the pages and in the Get Ready for your Exam sections
Plenty of revision, reviews for each pair of units, and a self-check page (and answers provided) at the end of every unit

The Workbook offers plenty of extra practice, revision, and reviews. Mirroring the Student's Book content, with the same clear structure, it provides extra reading and writing practice opportunities for both weaker and stronger students.

The Writing Bank at the back of the book gives a quick guide to text types, with model structures and key language as well as exam strategies, plus a Functions Bank for functional phrases for speaking and writing.

There is plenty of exam practice in the Get Ready for your Exam sections and these, along with the Self-Check pages after each unit and the review sections at the back of the books, allow students and their teachers to keep track of their progress as they work towards their exams.

The accompanying Audio CD offers students a huge amount of listening practice. There are audio recordings for tasks in every lesson (not only for the Vocabulary & Listening lessons).

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